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What defines Monika's coaching?  

Empowering her clients to lead from a place of solid strength & authenticity 

Monika B. Levinson, Ph.D - Executive Coach

Boosting growth and owning one's space


For Monika, leadership coaching is all about empowering her clients to either transition into their next stage of leadership or to further strengthen them within their existing role. She firmly believes in life-long growth and development and finds that to be particularly true in regards to her clients' potential as leaders in their organisation.

If Monika only had one term to best describe herself and her work, it would be “growth facilitator.”

What you can expect from working with her as your executive coach is first of all an increase in understanding and confidence when it comes to both your strengths and your development areas.

And to leverage and address those in ways that will be most powerful, given where you are at in your current career, as a leader and in terms of your goals and vision.

To Monika, at the root of growth is a genuine intent to learn more about ourselves and to apply these insights in the most powerful way possible. A good method to increase self-awareness is through feedback and some of that feedback will come from her. At the same time, Monika encourages her clients to also consider utilising one or more of the assessments she has incorporated into her service offering.

Reducing "blind spots" and taking action

A good way to look at what it actually means to increase self awareness in a coaching context is encapsulated in the Johari Window. The goal is to reduce “blind spots” and to engage in a process of self-discovery. It has a lot to do with lifting some of the “fog” we can easily find ourselves in during day-to-day life. The idea is to take ourselves out of that context and instead take an honest look at who we are at the core and to ask others to offer us their unbiased feedback as well. Sometimes, we can be quite unaware, even about performance-critical aspects of our behaviour. That is why Monika's clients often find this part of the coaching journey particularly enriching – to their overall life quality as well as their effectiveness as leaders. Especially, when they gain insights that have to do with the impact of their behavior on others and what has been getting in the way of running their teams or businesses most effectively. 

With that foundation, it will become much easier for the two of you to develop a clear vision and realistic goals, which will further enable you to move forward with confidence and apply your learning in new ways.


"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” 

Stephen Covey

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