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The power of data

Monika B. Levinson, Ph.D - Executive Coach

Assessments can be very powerful and effective and you find a selection of them below. In my experience, they add a lot of value to my clients’ personal and professional growth and significantly enrich the coaching engagement.

At the same time, I am aware that some people tend to shy away from surveys, feedback processes or any kind or “quantitative data” in particular. We will discuss how the different assessments could be used, how they work, and whether any of them might be helpful for the specific focus of our work together.



A very effective and tangible tool to assess one’s preferences around these four dimensions: Extraversion- Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling, or Judging-Perceiving. The MBTI® is based on Jung’s personality types and measures where we tend to direct our focus and gain energy, how we process information, how we make decisions, and how we navigate the outer world. The MBTI® has become a steady element in many coaches’ and consultants’ toolkit and its applicability is very broad.


This survey highlights human interaction patterns and is helpful for any client’s personal and professional life. It focuses on someone’s needs with respect to Control, Affection, and Inclusion, and how these tendencies shape their interactions with other people. The FIRO-B® is a very helpful tool for working with small groups, in a coaching engagement, or as part of any other kind of leadership-development process.

CPI 260™

The CPI 260™ Instruments work like a 360, i.e., A multi-rater-feedback survey, but involve no other raters. This tool still allows us to get a well-rounded view of your areas of strength as well as your development needs that are critical for your performance and professional success. It is a very effective springboard for any leadership development initiative, especially coaching.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is a broad-based personality assessment that relates to people’s personalities in their everyday jobs. Instead of using clinical or psychological terms like many other personality assessments, the Work- Place Big Five Profile™ uses work terms and work-related examples in its questions and reports.

Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite

More than fourty years of research by the Centre of Creative Leadership@ are reflected in its suite of 360-assessments and there will be one that meets your level of leadership, whether you find yourself at an early-stage manager role or have been a well-seasoned executive for many years. The basic idea of any 360-survey is the notion that we will get a much more solid understanding about our strengths and development areas when we receive feedback from a broad range of stakeholders in our company, i.e., Our peers, our direct reports, our bosses or supervisors, board members and even customers and clients. We then contrast their feedback with the way you assessed yourself and use what we learned as a springboard for our coaching engagement. The Centre for Creative Leadership® even offers a customised solution called Benchmarks by Design™ in cases where you or your organisation want to hone in and assess a distinct set of key leadership competencies that are particularly critical for success in your company.


“Option A is not available. So let’s kick the sh** out of Option B.”

Sheryl Sandberg

COO of Facebook

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