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Executive Coaching

Growing strong leaders

Monika B. Levinson, Ph.D - Executive Coach

How we work together

  • We build a foundation by getting to know each other, setting expectations, and tailoring a process that best works for you and is suited for your professional reality

  • We align your goals and expectations with the organisational context you find yourself in and start engaging in a creative, feedback-rich and value-driven journey, which can involve other key stakeholders in your organisation

  • We identify greatest possible momentum for action and changes based on your drivers and motivation

  • We explore your most powerful resources for support within your organisation and your personal life

  • We agree on some goals and identify actionable steps to achieve those goals

  • We establish some accountability measures to ensure you stay on track

  • We “go to work!”


You will experience me as someone who asks a lot of questions, who offers you honest feedback, and who challenges your thinking and encourages you to stretch yourself. Think back when you observed your own or any other child learning to walk. It would never have achieved that “goal,” if it didn’t constantly “nudge” itself by testing different ways to move, ways to get up, pushing a bit harder, standing up, taking some risks, and being ok with occasionally falling. To an extent, I become that “nudger” and champion for you.


Your values


Courage, open-mindedness and authenticity are among them. They will allow you to embrace the coaching process fully and to show up with your “whole self.”


"Sessions with Monika have proven to me how coaching can be an effective tool in people's development"

Genetic Project Lead, APAC, Syngenta

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